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Our products and solutions have been widely applied in various fields such as construction machinery, motors, agriculture, and healthcare, providing customers with efficient, reliable, and safe solutions.

Industry benchmark

We have strong technical capabilities and adopt selection, installation, and debugging methods according to different needs to ensure normal operation.

Good quality

We have a high-quality talent team to provide you with technical support and purchasing solutions for a complete set of products.

Service system

Integrity service, a comprehensive service guarantee system, regular tracking and follow-up, and one-on-one resolution of customer issues.

About us

We are a high-end bearing production enterprise that integrates scientific research, design, production, processing, sales, and management. With advanced science and technology, excellent enterprise management talents, advanced quality production reminders, and efficient assembly line production, our product production technology is constantly improving and evolving. More and more domestic and foreign customers are beginning to recognize and support our products, and product sales are steadily increasing.

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Factors affecting the service life of rolling bearings
From the perspective of installation and maintenance, there are many external factors that can affect the service life of rolling bearings, such as improper installation and maintenance...





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